Surrender Novena PDF

The Surrender Novena is a powerful prayer that will certainly bring peace and hope to countless anxious and worried souls. You can find a downloadable and printable Surrender Novena PDF designed by the Archdiocese of Portland below:

Who Wrote the Surrender Novena?

The Surrender novena was written by Servant of God Dolindo Ruotolo (1882-1979), who was an Italian priest of Naples, known for his ability to endure great suffering for love of God, for working many healing miracles on behalf of others, and for his hidden life of deep holiness.

As a fruit of Father Dolindo’s deep prayer life and closeness to God in suffering, it is known that our Lord spoke directly to him on several occasions. On one of these occasions, our Lord spoke to him the words contained in the Surrender Novena.

Can This Prayer Change Your Life?


When my wife and I have were in a phase of serious discernment and struggling to decide the next step in our family’s life we discovered the Surrender Novena.

And let me tell you… it changed everything!

You can read more about the story of how it changed our lives here.

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