11: The Truth about Natural Family Planning

Is Natural Family Planning just another form of contraception? Or is it something entirely different?

In this episode of The Catechism Guy Podcast, I interview Melissa Tablada, a FertilityCare Practitioner, who is passionate about spreading the truth about Natural Family Planning.

Melissa shares the basics of NFP, how it became such a large part of her life, and why it’s NOT contraception. In addition, she debunks the top myths currently out there about NFP!

Managing Your Fertility // https://www.managingyourfertility.com/

Creighton Website // http://creightonsouthflorida.com/

Melissa’s YouTube Myths Video // https://youtu.be/GtkdLmgUxxI

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Melissa’s Website // https://www.melissagracetablada.com/f…

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Why do you think Natural Family Planning is still such an unknown to many today?

Let me know below in the comment box!

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